About Me

I’ve been involved in martial arts since 1981, 4th Dan black belt, studying various styles and developing my own freestyle kickboxing. 

I taught private and group classes, both in the UK and Poland. I was Poland’s country president for Shieijyuku association based in Japan. 

I served as a police officer in West Yorkshire Police and had a substantial career in the security industry, being exposed to many dangerous and stressful situations, which gave me a unique hands-on experience when dealing with high pressure and intense situations. I am registered with the Security Industry Authority (SIA) as a Close Protection Operative which allows me to work in the private, cooperative and hostile environments complying with UK government’s rules and regulations 2001.

Other areas of training:

Special Forces Counter Terrorism & Kidnap
Hand Cuff
SIA ACT Action Counters Terrorism
Fire Arms
First Aid Trained
Maritime Security Consultant
Ship Security Officer (SSO)
Anti-Piracy and BMP
On-board Tactical training

I have worked on many Close Protection tasks, looking after celebrities, in the music & film industries, also cooperate and private clients.